COVID-19 presents some very urgent challenges to family farmers, for whom the dropoff in sales could be devastating. At the same time, those dependent on emergency feeding - the elderly, low-income, and vulnerable - have more limited access than ever to locally-sourced, nourishing food. Local Food Hub is bridging the gap, keeping our farmers in business by connecting them to the organizations and individuals in need of food.

Organizational background:

LOCAL FOOD HUB grew out of a community-supported discussion that identified a need for greater linkages between small family farms and institutions seeking local food. Farmers were being locked out of the institutional market due to missing infrastructure, delivery minimums, insurance requirements, and time. Institutions and businesses found it challenging to access a consistent supply of local produce, and were looking for one number to call to source locally.

Since our founding ten years ago, Local Food Hub has made strides in our mission to make fresh, farm sourced food available to everyone. Locally sourced food is now more readily accessible to school kids and seniors, hospitals and universities, and restaurants and retailers. Community partnerships and programs ensure that we not only feed but also educate a new generation about the value of eating fresh and local. Family farms, the environment, public health, and the local economy all benefit as a result.

IN JUNE 2019, Local Food Hub underwent an exciting restructuring. 4P Foods, a like-minded a direct-to-consumer food hub, acquired our distribution operations. We married Local Food Hub’s strengths in farmer relationships and product knowledge with 4P Foods’ strength in logistics, market development, and sales, to create an even better system for getting food from small family farms to more members of our community.

Our singular focus is creating an even better, more robust system for getting food from our region’s small family farms to market, as well as to consumers who might not otherwise enjoy access to healthy, local food.

Local Food Hub continues to exist as a nonprofit organization, doubling down on its programs for helping farmers with training and technical assistance, developing healthier food options for schools and health care institutions, and expanding its Fresh Farmacy and other high-impact food access programs.

Published: 03/24/2019

Our Mission

LOCAL FOOD HUB is a nonprofit organization that partners with Virginia farmers to increase community access to local food. We provide the support services, infrastructure, and market opportunities that connect people with food grown close to home.

Published: 02/22/2017